Johnson County Real Estate

    As dawn breaks behind the skyline, the sun’s rays bounce upon the glittering skyscrapers and illuminate the dew drops on Johnson County’s tree-lined streets. Alive with energy and rich in diversity, this county is the perfect mix of culture, business, and recreation. In fact, Johnson County has an unbeatable combination of job opportunities, affordable housing, friendly people, and of course, the arts.

    An urban county like this one offers you the best of both worlds-all the benefits of busy, metropolitan cities with the down home feeling and friendliness of small towns. And of course, the sunrises don’t hurt either. Johnson County has a history entrenched in much more than just the Wizard of Oz. Its rich cultural flavor is felt throughout the winding city streets, fine museums, and historic architecture. Whether you’re taking in the sights or looking for adventure, you’ll find that Johnson County is the perfect place for you. Many leisurely afternoons will slip away as you tour the meandering roads lined with historic homes and towering trees.

    Housing, in a prosperous county like Johnson County, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for, whether you’re talking about cultural attractions or affordable housing. Though uncommon among large, metropolitan counties, Johnson County’s overall cost of living is 3 percent below the national average and the housing costs are below the average as well.