You can refinance to remove a person on your mortgage

    There are times when we get calls into the Char MacCallum Real Estate Group office that just seem like we should share with our buyers and sellers.  One of those questions happened this week.  Most people are familiar with the various reasons a homeowner refinances their home which generally result in two major benefits: saving interest and building equity. Homes in Olathe Kansas

    There is however another reason to refinance which may not be as common which is to remove a person from the loan. In the case of a divorce, when one party wants to keep the home and the other party wants their equity out of the home, it is possible for the remaining party to refinance the home. If the equity is sufficient to justify it and the remaining owner can qualify for the new loan, the refinance can provide the proceeds to buy out the other spouse.

    Refinancing to remove a person from the loan could also involve a situation where two or more heirs jointly own a property and have differing opinions on when to sell. The same situation could apply to a rental property with multiple owners and the refinance would provide a way to buy out a partner.

    Sometimes, it’s not about taking cash out of the home to buy out the other party. If a person’s name is on the mortgage, they’re responsible if it goes to default. One party may be willing to deed the home to the other party but it doesn’t necessarily relieve them of the liability of the mortgage they originated.

    Many times, once a person has made their mind to move on, they’ll take the fastest and easiest way out. Removing a person from the deed or a mortgage is a reason to consider obtaining legal advice to protect your interests.

    Reasons to Refinance

    1. Lower the rate
    2. Shorten the term
    3. Take cash out of the equity
    4. Combine loans
    5. Remove a person from a loan

    If you or someone you know may need options like these for their homes and would like to talk to a real estate professional that specializes in the Olathe, and Johnson county Kansas areas, give us a call at the office.913-782-8857 and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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