Kansas City Fountains Open This Week!

    This week over 48 Kansas City area public fountains were opened for the annual “Fountain Day”

    picture courtesy of kc parks website
    picture courtesy of kc parks website

    Our Kansas City area is known for having one of the largest collections of public fountains of any city in the United States.  You’ll see them all around Olathe, and the surrounding Kansas City areas.  These fountains each have a history and add to our unique Kansas City heritage.  If you are looking to do a walking tour or even a photography tour, they make excellent subjects to tell people about our Kansas City area.  I know our team enjoys eating lunch or taking families that are moving to this area and showing them a few of the fountains that are popular attractions to our area.  We may take it for granted that we live in such a beautiful area and that we have amazing public amenities such as these fountains, but many people that are looking to move to the Olathe and Kansas City areas are often charmed by the fountains and our great parks and recreation programs that surround us in this area.  This is just one more reason why we love telling people how great it is to live in the Olathe and Kansas City areas!

    picture courtesy of kc parks website

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